Prosul launches patent bulletin in the public domain related to Covid-19

In order to help tackle the new Coronavirus pandemic, Prosul launched the Public Domain Patent Bulletin on Technologies to Combat COVID-19 with information related to medical equipments technologies that can help patients in need of hospitalization.

The bulletin presents, for each participating member country, inventions related to personal protection elements, as well as equipments, respirators and mechanical ventilators available in public domain patent documents.

It should be noted that any product or device whose patent is in the public domain in a country can be freely replicated and marketed in that country, without the need for authorization from the owner of the referred patent.

For this edition, INPI has indicated five patents: Continuous flow ventilator and monitoring method; Automatic device for patients monitoring; Microprocessed pneumatic ventilator; Clothing and manufacturing method; and Expandable laminated material impermeable to water, uniform for the operating room and process for preparing the material.

Access the bulletin here.

Prosul is destined to technical cooperation between national industrial property offices in Latin America, with a focus on stimulating and strategically using IP in the region. In addition to Brazil, the project also includes: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Source: INPI