Madrid Protocol in Brazil: Trademark Certificates available

Protocolo de Madri

The Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (INPI-BR) informed last Tuesday, March 22nd, on Brazilian Official IP Gazette No. 2672, that stated to issue the trademark registration certificates concerning designations of Madrid Protocol in Brazil.

Certificates will be available in weekly batches, chronologically from the date of grant. After the issuance of the pending certificates, the others will be available in a similar way to the marks filed directly in the country, within 60 days of the notice of grant.

The owner may access the Brazilian PTO Web Search database for accessing the certificate. The file will be available in front of the notice “Concessão de registro em designação” [Grant of the designation], according to the image shown in the Brazilian PTO official communication:

Source: Reproduction Brazilian PTO – IP Gazette No. 2672 of 03/22/2022.

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