International Day of World’s Indigenous People

In Brazil, we celebrate the National Day of Indigenous People on April 19th and the United Nations celebrate the International Day of World's Indigenous People on August 9th!

See below the technical details of the Andirá-Marau Indigenous Land, Graphical indication granted in 2020 by the Brazilian IP Office located on the border between Amazonas and Pará states with 788,528.38 hectares:

Name: Terra Indígena Andirá-Marau

Goods: Waraná (native guarana) and breads of waraná (guarana stick).

Number: BR412016000005-2 of October 20th, 2020

Owner: Consórcio de Produtores Sateré-Mawé

Delimitation: Andirá-Marau Indigenous Land, according to FUNAI [National Indigenous Foundation] demarcation, ratified by Brazilian Decree No. 93.069, of August 6, 1986, added the adjacent area called “Vintequilos”, located at the North-Northwest.

Over the years, the indigenous families that live in that region organized themselves in a society called “Sateré-Mawé” and received highlights in the international economy, being the first Brazilian indigenous organization to directly export their goods to foreign markets. 

In 2021, United Nationals Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) recognized the relevant contribution of the people from “Sateré-Mawé” in building a “new Amazonian bioeconomy”.

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