CNV on Metaverse

Metaverse is an interactive and fully immersive 3D virtual world designed to connect people. It's real life replicated in an online environment. Through the combination of augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and, of course, the internet, users have an experience very close to an organic experience.

If you have any familiarity with online platforms and games, you certainly already have an idea of what the metaverse looks like. After all, the famous Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox, for example, already have their own virtual environments where it is possible to interact in real time with people from all over the world through their avatars.

And it is not a secret anymore that the metaverse is no longer exclusive to the world of games and is present in several areas, and one of them is the legal environment. Many media outlets have pointed to this trend. The goal is also to be present on this technological front, bringing new experiences to its audience, in addition to being another form of communication between clients and lawyers.

Always worried about being in the trends that aim to improve service to its partners and customers, CNV IP Law Firm set up its virtual office in the metaverse! The inauguration is today, 08/01, on Microsoft’s virtual reality platform, AltspaceVR.

In this new CNV environment will be possible visits, private meetings, as well as events in general, all with the unique experience of the metaverse. The project was designed in every detail, with a waiting room, meeting room, stairs and a rooftop overlooking Avenida Paulista in the city of São Paulo/Brazil. In addition, there is an anteroom with a bookcase that has vintage objects exposed (TVs, radios, typewriters, cameras), inspired by the bookcase we have in the real CNV office. This reflects a little of what the company is, which always seeks to bring innovations, but without losing its tradition and its roots.

“We design everything so that our customers and partners feel in a personalized, innovative environment and closer to our professionals,” says Sonia Carlos Antonio, Founder and Partner of CNV.

Come visit us through Virtual Reality with the AltspaceVR app. Check the step by step by here.